A 2020 gift guide for the tech-savvy traveler


What to buy for the frequent-flying road warrior who sees it all in their travels? Here are creative gadgets that can make upcoming 2020 travel that much more comfortable.

Wireless earphones: Nuheara’s IQbuds Boost

Nuheara IQbuds Boost

Courtesy of Nuheara.

Eliminate the endless noise pollution of airports, planes, trains and city life with these wireless earphones. The Nuheara IQbuds Boost drown out sound without the added bulk of larger noise-canceling headphone models. They also sync via Bluetooth to enabled devices to enjoy up to eight hours of music, audiobooks or even white noise, with improved sound quality that can be customized to different environments. Those with reduced hearing will especially find the sound capabilities to be exceptional.
Summary: A travel-friendly pair of noise-reducing earbuds with solid audio quality
Price: $299

Portable charger: myCharge Hub Turbo

myCharge Hub Turbo portable charger.

Courtesy of myCharge

No one likes stressing over a low-power signal on their smartphone or tablet, but that’s less of a worry when packing the myCharge Hub Turbo 10,050 mAh portable charger. This is the brand’s first charger that features built-in lightning and USB-C cables for the fastest recharge. You can charge two devices directly and a third using the USB port on the side. If Murphy’s Law teaches us anything, it’s that when you need power the most, you’re least likely to have it — which is why this all-in-one portable charger can easily save the day.
Summary: A must-have power charger to quickly recharge mobile devices
Price: $110

Trackable charger: Nomad PowerPack

Nomad PowerPack.

Courtesy of Nomad

If you’re looking for a portable power device — but you’re known to misplace things easily — then Nomad’s trackable PowerPack fits the bill. It can be synced via Bluetooth to Tile, an app-based tracking device that can locate everything from your wallet to your phone. This easy-to-grip power bank means it won’t slide out of your pocket or briefcase when traveling, and it delivers a whopping 9,000 mAh of power through three power ports: two USB-C ports and one USB-A port.
Summary: A compact battery pack for those with a history of losing their tech devices
Price: $120

Laptop charger: Mobile Edge Core Power

Mobile Edge Core Power laptop charger.

Courtesy of Mobile Edge

What is a traveler to do when the laptop battery is at the bottom of the power barrel, and there is nary an outlet in sight? Most power devices are not strong enough to juice a laptop, but the Mobile Edge Core Power laptop charger does the trick. With an AC outlet (plus numerous USB ports), it comes with an incredible 27,000 mAh capacity and can charge a laptop in about four hours.
Summary: A reliable battery for laptop users who are away from power outlets for hours at a time
Price: $200

Keyless lock: Friday Smart Lock

Friday Smart Lock.

Courtesy of Friday Home

The Friday Smart Lock delivers security and accessibility to your home at the touch of a mobile button. This retrofit lock allows for keyless entry via Siri or the smartphone app. Use it to allow friends to have access to your home or to let neighbors bring packages or mail inside. It’s also great for those who need help with plants or pets while away. The battery-charged device comes in multiple colors to match any style; it also keeps an electronic log of every time it is used. And, it’s easy to attach; help comes in the form of a video app, but the universal base plate makes it a cinch to install.
Summary: A convenient keyless entry system to grant access to your home via your phone
Price: $299

External hard drive: My Passport from Western Digital

My Passport by Western Digital.

Courtesy of Western Digital

When it comes to storing password-protected and encrypted data on a hard drive, the 5TB My Passport Portable external hard drive from Western Digital offers a lightweight solution that can easily slide into a briefcase or purse pocket. Add to that its USB 2.0 compatibility and rugged design, and you have a winner when it comes to protecting data while on the go. This is especially useful for travelers who manage sensitive information or those who frequently power up in crowded airports or office buildings. This is the brand’s slimmest 5TG storage device yet.
Summary: A portable, palm-sized device to back up and secure your data wherever you go
Price: $150 (PC version) or $160 (Mac version)

Photo manager: ibi Smart Photo Manager from SanDisk

ibi Smart Phone Manager by SanDisk.

Courtesy of Western Digital

Frequent travelers love to capture their experiences via photo, but there are limits to online and cloud storage space. Sandisk’s new ibi Smart Photo Manager tackles that problem, while also collecting all your photos and videos into one convenient place. The app stores your photos while you’re on the road (instead of you having to download them to a computer, for example), and once you’re home, ibi backs up whichever devices, social media platforms and cloud accounts you’ve synced with it. It’s got enough capacity to store more than 250,000 photos or 100 hours of video. The app also allows people to quickly edit photos on their phones and add friend and family groups for easy sharing.
Summary: A sizable device that provides peace of mind and organization to snap-happy travelers
Price: $130 (1 TB version)

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