Wölffer Estate Vineyard Partners With Mab & Stoke To Create A Botanical Cider

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You’ve never had a cider, like this before. Herbaceous, fruitful and smooth to taste.

“It’s perfect for a before-dinner aperitif,” said Joey Wölffer, of Wölffer Estate Vineyard’s No. 139 Botanical Cider, developed with Mab & Stoke.

“I actually like it as it is, over ice, at the end of a busy day,” said Christina Mace-Turner, the founder and CEO of Mab & Stroke. “At this time of year, I am normally drawn to warm drinks, but this is SO refreshing and just the perfect lift to the end of any day.”

Wölffer and Mace-Turner teamed up to launch the botanical cider based on the Wölffer Estate Vineyard classic cider recipe but infused with Mab & Stoke ingredients.

“When Christina and I first met, we became fast friends and have longed to collaborate. We’re tremendously excited we’re finally launching this new limited edition Botanical Cider,” Wölffer said.


Hand-picked dessert apples from Halsey Farm in Bridgehampton, New York and DeFisher Fruit Farms in Rochester, New York, crafted the cider which was infused with Ginger, Lemon Balm, Elderberry, Pomegranate, Dandelion root, and Turmeric, giving the cider an earthy rose and orange color tone.

“We wanted to work together on a product that not only tasted delicious, but created a unique experience. Joey and I worked with our teams to blend herbal extracts and create this Botanical Cider – a beverage to kick off 2021 in a GOOD way! The vibrant flavor has become a favorite of both of ours. It is the perfect integration of the two brands and perfect for those who crave bold flavors,” said Mace-Turner.

For decades ciders had a bad rap for being everything from extremely sweet to too bitter, but that’s been changing in part thanks to cider makers like Wölffer Estate Vineyard that have been making food-friendly ciders since 2013. Between 2008 and 2018, retail sales of cider grew ten times.

“At Mab & Stoke, we want everyone to feel wildly alive by creating herb-based products that can seamlessly be integrated in everyday life. The No. 139 Cider infused by Mab & Stoke is a revolutionary way to enjoy what you love with an herbaceous boost, and I’m stoked for everyone to try one,” said Mace-Turner.

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