The best things to do in the Bahamas with kids


Sprawling beaches, pristine waters and more than 700 islands full of tropical playgrounds make the Bahamas one of the most family-friendly getaways. Whether you’re looking for waterslides, waterfalls or underwater adventures, the Bahamas are an unexpected hotspot for kids. 

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Are the Bahamas a good destination for families? 

Modern resorts on most main islands have evolved to incorporate activities for children to experience this island paradise with—or without—their parents. From all-inclusive resorts to more boutique options, kids clubs and young explorer programs abound in the Bahamas.  

Combined with short flight times and a world of natural beauty on the other side of the lobby, family-friendly travel options in the Bahamas are top notch. 

Wide open beaches with a gentle slope are perfect for family beach time © PJ Photo69 / Getty Images / iStockphoto

Best things to do in the Bahamas with children

Aquaventure Water Park

This 141-acre water park located on Paradise Island is connected to Nassau via two great arcs. The park offers a Disney-like atmosphere that puts visitors inside a fantasy world built to evoke the lost city of Atlantis. Attractions include water slides themed on Mayan pyramids and jungles — including one slide that transports riders through an underwater tunnel surrounded by sharks.  

Pirates of Nassau Museum

Just a short ride from Aquaventure, Pirates of Nassau Museum puts visitors face-to-face with replica pirate ships and the actual legacy of pirate lore in the Bahamas. Historically, the Bahamas played host to a rogue’s gallery of infamous pirates including a pirate republic dominated by the likes of “Black” Sam Bellamy and “Blackbeard” Edward Teach. At the Pirates of Nassau Museum, families can explore the history of those famed pirates alongside women counterparts like Anne Bonny and Mary Read.  

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Fort Montagu

This 18th century, limestone fortress peers out over the eastern end of Nassau Harbor. Fort Montagu is the oldest remaining fort still standing on New Providence, and actually played a role in the American Revolutionary War, becoming the location of the first ever successful amphibious assault by United States Marines.  

Orange kayak making its way in a mangrove in the Lucayan National Park
Lucayan National Park is a playground for all ages © Remanz / Shutterstock

Lucayan National Park

Kayaking, off-road tours and beaches highlight Grand Bahama’s Lucayan National Park, a playground for all ages. Located near Freeport, this sprawling jungle landscape allows families to load up for a paddle tour through mangrove forests or pile into a jeep for a Jurassic Park-like tour of the rainforest.  

BEACH Sanctuary

The Baha Mar Ecological Aquatic Conservation Habitat hosts a variety of sea turtles, rays and sharks that families can interact with. Inside this New Providence sanctuary, guests can participate in daily animal feedings, wade into tidal pools and kayak on the nearby Hobby Horse Nature Preserve. BEACH Sanctuary also features a kids club program and a young Explorer’s Badge program. 

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Coral Vita

One of the world’s pre-eminent coral farms, Coral Vita, is located on Grand Bahama. Here, researchers are working to understand the ways warming oceans are impacting coral and engineering methods for coral to adapt to climate change. Coral Vita offers guided tours for visitors who want an in-depth look at the biology taking place beneath the waves. 

Close-up of a gold and blue macaw perching on a branch in Lucaya, Bahamas
The Bahamas offer plenty of opportunities to see local wildlife © Verlin Miller / Getty Images / 500px

Ardastra Gardens & Wildlife Conservation Center

This Nassau garden is home to more than 130 species of animals in a four-acre complex that’s perfect for toddlers. Families can feed birds and interact with mammals at the petting zoo. Swans, macaws, peafowls and lory parrots flutter and walk about here under the shade of mangos and coconut palms. 

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Sea Squirts

Atlantis Paradise Island hosts this program designed specifically for children ages three to six years old. Sea Squirts is a one-hour, interactive marine program that allows children to hand feed fish and baby stingrays and includes a swim shirt as a keepsake.  

Swimming pigs on beach, Exumas, Bahamas with a boat in the background
Visiting the swimming pigs of Exumas is best for older children only © Per Breiehagen / Getty Images

Best islands in the Bahamas for kids 

Paradise Island

The one-two punch of Atlantis and Baha Mar resorts make Paradise Island the top destination in the Bahamas for kids. While we are huge fans of off-the-grid adventure, this pint-sized island off the coast of New Providence is perfect for education and fun just a short distance from Nassau. 

Grand Bahama

Freeport offers an easily accessible alternative to New Providence that comes with a more do-it-yourself attitude for the kids. While families won’t be fully remote here, attractions like Lucayan National Park, Coral Vita and Gold Rock Beach offer ready-made adventures for families of explorers. 

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Harbour Island

The idyllic hamlet of Harbour Island just east of Eleuthera is completely navigable by golf cart. Here, pink sand beaches blend with the tranquil confines of Dunmore Town for a destination that offers flawless fun for older children. 

How to get around the Bahamas with kids

Many islands offer car rental services that will deliver a vehicle to the local airport when you land, while shuttle services on main islands provide hassle free transport for families in a hurry. 

When is the best time to visit the Bahamas with children? 

The Bahamas can be cooler than other Caribbean nations throughout the year due to its location under the trade winds. Average summer temperatures range from 80F to 85F and can dip into the 70s during winter months. Prepare for warm, sunny days with comfortable, breezy evenings. 

Hurricane season runs from June to November, though you shouldn’t sweat the big storms too much during your trip. Typically, the Bahamas has several days of notice before the threat of an incoming hurricane draws near. 

Introducing The Bahamas

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